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Our Solutions

GoGreen SFA for Drug Marketing Co

Buy online Viagra Super Active An online system to help drug marketing companies & medical representatives to optimize their efforts by enabling efficient flow of information from various stakeholders. It has completed eight years, so is a robust &evolved solution which is trusted by over 25000 users in India.

Go4+ for C&F

A comprehensive tool for organisations to manage their C&Fs from a central place. Helps automate &optimize operations.It offers the advantages of online billing, inventory management &accounting up to finalization. It covers every aspect of the C&F business.

PharmAssist for Distributors

burlesquenews.it A complete process-management solution for distributors. Helps organize all business activities including orders, delivery and collection-tracking. It offers the added advantage of fast billing,organised & scientific stock arrangement, which helps in faster stock removal & delivery.

Ecogreen for Distributed Chain of Retail Stores

Viagra Soft 50 mg pas cher An efficient tool for distributed retail chains to engage customers efficiently and process prescriptions in the least possible time. Comes with central warehouse module for higher fulfillment and a central module for complete control.

Pharmsoft for Standalone Retailers

A boon for standalone retailers & pharmacies to engage customers efficiently with complete information about their prescription orders and process prescriptions in the least possible time.

TouchStore for Online Business

All businesses these days are going online. Touch Store is a solution for Pharma retailers to go online. Compatible with various business models like an own warehouse, the third party managed stores, market aggregator or flexibility for integration with your custom application. Ready APIs to fit your need.

We are Trusted By


"We appreciate C-square and its team as they have one of the best softwares and best post sales support services."

Mr. Natrajan Ganesh

Director, Centrico Pharmaceuticals
"Csquare is much advanced. Accuracy in the reports are excellent but service need improvement."

Mr. Samji K R

Managing Partner, Family Healthcare
"C-Square is the best in pharma trade & they provide us best services."

Mr. H Manohar Naik

Partner, Naik Distributors
"With an incredible combination of features, MIS reports and customization, Ecogreen enables the user to explore all possibilities for the business to succeed. The never ceasing options and umpteen reports available at your disposal, sets it apart from the rest. I would recommend Ecogreen to everyone, as it is very innovative."

Mr. Imran Fruitwala

Cluster Head, General Group
"I bought pharmasoft just for vat e filling. But it enabled me to think about organised business and led me set big goals. In about 10 years of journey with pharmasoft My business scaled up to 10 times . Now I am managing my business easily with plusure, today my presence is not compulsory to run my business ,so tody I am able to spend time with my family and friends. It is a very good software which provides good control over business. Also gives power to manage huge variety of medicine with less capital and less expiry problem."

Mr. Balaji N

Proprietor, Balaji Medicals
"PharmSoft is Tailor made to Retail Store. we can not run the Store without PharmSoft. PharmSoft has very pivotal role in our Business Growth. Ultimate Software."

Mr. Ravi

Proprietor, Sri Lakshmi Medicals
"My overall experience with C- Square is excellent."

Mr. Rajshekhar

VP Marketing, HLL
"C-square is better than any other co. in the industry. Their approach is professional & the features of their product is very advanced. They are highly flexible & cater to specific customer needs by customisation."

Mr. Mahesh Govindraja Shetty

Proprietor, Yasho Pharma
"C-Square is one of the best software in Pharma Industry we were able to find for our clients. All customer feedback we get have been positive."

Mr. Ankit Dudhwewala

CEO and Founder, SoftwareSuggest.com
"C-Square is prompt in providing support services . As such Platform is very comprehensive yet flexible for customization."

Mr. D.K Singh

Assocaite Vice President - Sales Veterinary Foundation, Alivira Animal Health Limited
"C-square products already have the edge & the wow factors that is still a dream for many others. They provide customisation to a great extent."

Dr. Hemanth

H&H Pharmaceutical
"We are using Go4plus software from last One and half years, It is good for over all distribution related, we can generate variety of reports as per requirement. The team of customer support is excellent, our queries have been attended and solved on priority. we have satisfied with software and service of C-square."

Mr. Rahul Jain

Propreitor, Plasmagen Biosciences Pvt Ltd
"Our relationship with C Square started at the inception of our business in the year 2005. We are the first retail customer of C Square Info Solutions (P) Ltd in Kerala. We were impressed by the sincerity and earnestness of the founding members of the Kochi unit of C Square, Mr.Abba Gopalakrishnan, Mr.Sarath and Mr.Ajeesh Jose. Since then the relationship with the company is akin to that of a family friend lending support in times of need. From the very beginning till now they never compromised on the quality of their product and services."

Mr. Ranjit Kumar S

Proprietor, Prasanth Drug House
"C-Square is Serving us in Coordinating our Marketing & Distribution Team in a Simpler way with their unique Produts."

Mr. Dinesh Kumar

"C – square is not in the competition as they are way ahead & that makes them the winner. They have a team which has a huge experience background from the same industry. Their product line is very strong that meets all your needs."

Mr. Sachien Acharya

MD, AK Pharma
"We are one of their big & happy customers in North India. The directors of the co. are very down to earth & do not mind handling the issues themselves whenever needed."

Mr. Amit Kaslival

Director, Tara Medico Pvt. Ltd
"They have a single dashboard that helps in making quick decisions."

Mr. Anuraag Jatia

Director, Emami Frank Ross Ltd
"C-square is better than any other co. in the industry. Their approach is professional & the features of their product is very advanced. They are highly flexible & cater to specific customer needs by customization."

Mr. Punit

Proprietor, Bharat Medical Hall