Ecogreen Lite

The Lightweight POS Billing Solution for your Retail Business

Ditch the bulky PC! EcoGreen Lite brings lightweight Point of Sale (POS) billing to your Jio Hybrid PC. The game-changing software application designed to streamline your business operations and empower you to achieve new levels of success.
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EcoGreen Lite: The All-in-One Solution for Streamlined Retail Operations

No matter your industry, we empower you to manage your business with ease. From clothing boutiques to grocery stores, our lightweight POS billing software simplifies your daily tasks and helps you grow.

Tired of managing a complex POS system? EcoGreen Lite is the answer!

It simplifies your billing process with its user-friendly interface and lightweight design. Focus on what matters – your customers!

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Standalone & Cost-Effective

Eliminate the need for additional hardware with standalone functionality. Operates seamlessly with standard computer peripherals like monitors, mice, keyboards, and printers. The game-changing software application designed to streamline your business operations and empower you to achieve new levels of success.

EcoLite Jio Hybrid PC

Seamless Point-of-Sale (POS)

Conduct seamless transactions with integrated POS system.

Process sales, accept payments, and manage orders effortlessly.

EcoGreen Lite POC

Effortless User Experience

Navigate with ease, regardless of your technical expertise.

Our intuitive interface caters to both new and experienced users, ensuring a smooth learning curve.

EcoGreen Lite UI

Optimised Inventory Mgnt

Gain complete control over your inventory with efficient tracking features.

Monitor stock levels, orders, renewals, and more, all in one place.

EcoGreen Lite Optimised Ordering

Min. Hardware Requirements

Ditch the complex hardware setups. It operates seamlessly with standard computer peripherals like monitors, mouse, keyboards, and printers.

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Flexibility on the Go

Access EcoGreen Lite on your Android devices for unmatched mobility and manage your business from anywhere. Perfect for businesses of all sizes and industries, from retail and hospitality to healthcare and beyond. (coming Soon) 

India's Best POS Billing Software for Retail Businesses.

EcoGreen Lite offers a complete POS billing solution that reduces workload, boosts efficiency, and provides a user-friendly experience

Fast Checkout

Enjoy quick transactions with EcoGreen Lite's Fast Checkout. Minimise wait times and enhance customer satisfaction with efficient sales processing.

Easy Returns

Simplify customer service with Easy Returns. Manage returns effortlessly, boosting customer trust and convenience.

Multiple Payment Options

Offer flexibility with Multiple Payment Options. Accept credit/debit cards, cash, and UPI for a versatile shopping experience.

Multiple Users

Create multiple user accounts with unique credentials and assign specific menus for each.

Bank Account Management

Simplify finances with Bank Account Management. Manage multiple accounts, track transactions, and reconcile statements with ease.

Customer Master Creation

Improve customer relationships with Customer Master Creation. Store information, track purchases, and offer personalised service.

Billing Hardware Integration

Optimise checkout with Billing Hardware Integration. Connect POS systems, barcode scanners, and other hardware for fast, accurate transactions.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management simplifies procurement. Track orders, manage supplier profiles, and ensure a smooth supply chain.

Expiry Management

With Expiry Management, track product expiry dates & number of days since product not sold. Prevent the sale of expired goods, ensuring safety and compliance.

Home Delivery

Offer convenient home delivery options to your customers and boost their satisfaction. Seamlessly assign delivery tasks to your delivery personnel.

Journal Voucher

Ensure accurate bookkeeping, maintain clear records, support error correction, and provide a transparent audit trail for enhanced financial control.

Ecogreen lite

Starter Pack Pricing Plan

  • Get EcoGreen Lite Software (1yr Subscription)
  • Jio Hybrid PC
  • Training Videos

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