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Range of Software Solutions for Every Industry

Whether you run a small retail shop or manage a large multi-chain enterprise, our billing software is engineered to handle the complexities of modern business. We offer scalable solutions that can be customised to fit your unique requirements, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems and processes.

Retail Stores
Transform your retail business experience with cutting-edge ERP solutions.
Streamline your supply chain with state of the art eco-system
Warehouse Management
Experience complete efficiency of your warehouse processes
Get the best sales force automation tool for your business

We Serve Every

Core Features

Leveraging innovation, C-Square is dedicated to providing software solutions that streamline business operations across various industries. Therefore, our comprehensive suite of products is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of  retailers, distributors, and corporates. Here’s what sets us apart:

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Maintain optimal stock levels and reduce wastage with real-time tracking and automated reordering.

Efficient Order Processing

Streamline order placement to fulfilment, reducing manual errors and improving customer satisfaction.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Gain insights into your business performance and make informed decisions with powerful analytics tools.

Seamless Integration

Integrate effortlessly with existing systems, providing a unified platform for all business operations.

Enhanced Security

Protect your data with robust security measures and the latest protocols.

Customisable Solutions

Tailor features and functionalities to meet your specific business requirements.

Reliable Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist with implementation and maintenance.


Our solutions grow with your business, accommodating expanding needs.

Compliance Management

Adhere to industry regulations and avoid fines with our compliance tools.

Supplier and Vendor Management

Streamline your supply chain and ensure timely deliveries

Marketing Tools

Create, manage, and analyse marketing campaigns to reach your target audience.

Expiry Management

Track and manage product expiration dates to reduce wastage.

Our Core Products

Embrace Csquare’s ERP software, the digital catalyst that propels your business to new heights in the dynamic business landscape.

ecogreen express

Automates operations for faster checkouts, accurate reports & happy customers. Manage purchases, inventory, sales & more.

ecogreen logo

Manage stores, sync data, gain a business overview & control. Centralized warehouse & branch management included.


PharmAssist empowers wholesalers to manage SKUs, generate invoices fast, track operations, calculate ROI, and optimize stock & delivery.


Empowers medical reps. Track productivity, record daily activities, meetings & expenses. Manage assets & gain a complete sales force overview.

live order

B2B Online ordering platform, connecting Buyers and Sellers which give overall solution to the Buyers.

Ecogreen Lite

Simplify your business with a user-friendly, standalone software. Manage inventory, run sales (POS), and enjoy minimal hardware requirements. Perfect for all industries and budgets


Paperless godown management solution. Manage inventory in real-time, automate tasks, and integrate seamlessly with your ERP for efficient warehouse operations.

go4+ logo

Automates inventory, purchases, sales, customer engagement, billing & accounting for pharmacies. Gain a central dashboard to manage C& F operations.

We offer complete suite of software for your business needs.

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Word of Trust

Growing trust and businesses: Over 20,000 businesses have already discovered the transformative power of C-Square's software solutions. Witnessing this success, we invite you to join our growing community and experience firsthand the impact that C-Square can have on your business.

C-Square is a great company. They are very commited & deliver more than promised. They are result oriented.



    C-Square has helped us to scale up and become market leader with best products in pharma. They introduce upgraded processes in market as a differentiator.



      Delighted to use their software, an experienced & knowledgable team which resolves queries very quickly.



        Its a single thing a management needs to help in making quick decisions



          C-Square products help in business decision making by providing robust and comprehensive dashboard.


            FRANK ROSS

            Our Valued Clients

            Building strong partnerships is a core value at C-Square. We are proud to have a diverse range of clients from a variety of industries. This commitment to inclusivity allows us to better understand the unique needs of each business. As a result, we take pride in providing our clients with the highest level of service and support.

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