Upscale Your Inventory Management with StoreTrack

The Paperless Warehouse Management Solution


Store Track, the revolutionary digital tool that transforms your godown operations into a paperless haven of efficiency.

Experience seamless “Store In” and “Store Out” management, real-time inventory tracking, and effortless integration with your existing ERP systems – all in one intuitive platform.

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to:

Real-time Inventory Visibility

Never be caught off guard again. Track stock levels in real-time, make informed decisions on reordering, and prevent overselling or underselling.

Reduced Disputes

Gain complete control over materials and processes, minimising disputes and ensuring a smooth workflow.

Unmatched Efficiency

Automate tedious tasks, centralise data, and streamline operations for maximum productivity.

Enhanced Order Accuracy

Minimise errors in order fulfilment with automated processes, leading to happier customers and improved reputation.

Happy Customers

Meet customer expectations consistently with accurate order fulfilment, fueled by clear visibility of available stock.

Confidentiality Assured

Maintain the utmost confidentiality when processing new orders, fostering trust and transparency within your business.

More than just an Add-On

Store Track seamlessly integrates with key ERP applications like Pharmassist (PA) and EcoGreen(EG) and any ERP you are using, empowering end-to-end warehouse management and eliminating data silos.


Experience the Power of Paperless Operations! Discover the future of godown management with StoreTrack.

Contact us today for a personalised demo and see how we can take your inventory control to the next level.